Rules of the Market

The Market Rules are in place to insure that the community receives only the highest quality farm products grown or produced by local area farmers and craftsmen, and to set the operating guidelines for market activities. The market is not intended to be a forum for political or religious agendas. No solicitation from non-vendors without prior registration and approval from the South Perry Farmers Market management and/or Board of Directors.

The South Perry Farmers Market engages the community by providing a weekly forum of exchange. Producers and consumers exchange resources, ideas, and experiences. The market makes a valuable contribution to the unique character of the neighborhood while providing leadership to the broader community. Our mission is to provide a community focused marketplace in the heart of the South Perry neighborhood that promotes and practices social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Vendors must grow, produce or wild-craft all products to be sold at the market – only farm products grown by the vendor on the farm owned or managed by the seller. Products from U-Pick operations, warehouses, gleaning etc. are not allowed.

Wild-crafted (wild-harvested) products, such as huckleberries and mushrooms are allowed. The ingredients of value-added products should be local when available, or possible. Reselling of products not directly produced by the vendor are prohibited. Crafts must be manufactured by the seller with their own hands. Commercial, second-hand or imported items are prohibited. Only crops or products listed on your application may be sold at the market. Farm/Processor Visits: All farmers/vendors agree to allow a representative from the market access to farm, or place of production for the purpose of verifying that the products sold at the market have been grown or produced by the vendor, if requested, with 24 hour notice. Franchises are not allowed at the market.

The market runs from 3:00 pm–7:00 pm on Thursdays during the market season. Vendors may start setting up no earlier than 2:00 pm. All set up must be complete by 3:00 pm. Vendors will be responsible for all clean-up in the area they have been assigned. Area should be clean and free of all debris. On site garbage receptacles are NOT for vendor use. All garbage must be hauled off site. All vehicles must be completely unloaded and moved 150’ away from the market no later than 2:45 pm. This is to allow for customer parking. If you are late to the market you will not be allowed to set up and sell on that day. Vendors will not be allowed to tear down their booth prior to 7:00 pm If a vendor sells out of product before the end of market, they will be required to leave their booth intact until the end of the market. Vendors are free to leave and return at the end of market for clean up.

Booths may be shared, with a maximum of 2 vendors per shared booth. For shared booths, each vendor will be required to fill out a separate application and pay the application fee. Any outstanding Late Cancellation fees will be due in addition to normal booth fees, and will apply equally to weekly and yearly members.

Cancellation Policy

The market manager must be notified of cancellations by 4:00PM Tuesday of the same week. If notice has not been received of the cancellation a written warning will be sent to the vendor. The second time such an occurrence happens a written warning as well as a $30 fee will be assessed to the vendor and the vendor will not be allowed to sell at the market until the fee has been paid. A third occurrence will be grounds for removal from participation in the market. No refund of seasonal fees will be given when a vendor is removed due to a rules violation.

Pricing of Goods

Pricing of the goods is up to the vendor but pricing below cost to undercut the other vendors is not allowed. Pricing complaints or questions will be subject to board review.

EBT / Credit / Debit Program

The South Perry Farmers’ Market now has the technology to accept USDA food stamps (EBT cards), credit cards, and debit cards. This program operates on a token system utilizing $1 and $5 tokens designed specifically to be used only at the South Perry Farmers’ Market. These tokens are not interchangeable with tokens from any other farmers’ market or business. Each vendor is required to sign the Vendor Agreement for the EBT/Credit/Debit Program in order to sell at the Market. The Vendor Agreement and the application must be on file with the manager. Market staff will provide support and training to each vendor so that they can successfully participate in this program. All vendors who wish to participate in the market must provide the market manager with their weekly sales totals. Sales will be recorded on the forms provided by the market manager each week.

Stall Space

All fees are based on a 10’ x 10’ booth space and are subject to board approval and acceptance into the market. Options for the 2016 fee schedule are indicated in the application.

Each vendor will be assigned a stall space, which is subject to change. Stalls shall be identified with a sign bearing the farm or vendor’s name. Stalls shall be kept clean and orderly during Market times and shall be cleaned prior to vacating the Market. All vendors who wish to erect canopies (including umbrellas) on the farmer’s market site during a normal period of market operations, including the set-up and break-down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time the their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down – a minimum of 25 pounds per leg. Any vendor who fails to properly anchor his or her canopy will not be allowed to sell at the farmer’s market until they have their canopy properly secured. The market will sell buckets for a cost of $5.00 each to vendors who need them.

Vendor Conduct

Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in professional and courteous manner. Vulgar, aggressive or inappropriate language is prohibited. No smoking, or alcohol will be allowed at the market. Disagreements and/or problems should be brought to the attention of the Market Manager and/or a board member(s). On market day, vendors must defer to the judgment of the Market Manager and/or members of the Board with regards to appropriate conduct. Grievances or concerns can be submitted to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will ultimately identify cases of misconduct, undertake resolution and issue consequences for misconduct. The Board will refer to policy in cases of misconduct, and maintains the right to remove vendors from market participation at any time.

Permits and Licenses

Vendors are responsible for any permits, insurance and licenses applicable to the sale of their product. Vendors are required to have a copy of all permits and licenses with them during all market hours of operation. Growers that are not certified organic cannot advertise as organic. 

inclement weather

The market will be cancelled at the discretion of the Market Manager and/or The South Perry Farmers Market Board of Directors. In the case of inclement weather prior to the opening of market, market manager will call vendors to notify them of a cancellation. In the case of possible vendors should arrive to the market as normally scheduled, the Market Manager will notify them if weather warnings have been issued. The market will run normally, weather permitting.